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Congratulations to our 2020 CSA Group Member Award Recipients!

Each year, CSA recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the world of standards through the presentation of the John Jenkins Award, the Award of Merit, and for the second year – the Young Professional Award. Past winners hold these awards in high regard as they were nominated by their fellow members and peers.In previous years, our Member Awards have been presented at a special ceremony held during the CSA Group Annual Conference. With the cancellation of the 2020 Annual Conference & Committee Week, we will be featuring a series of profiles on CSA Communities and social media to recognize the many achievements of each of our award recipients. Please watch for these profiles as they are shared later this spring! Our 2020 award recipients have also been invited to attend the 2021 Annual Conference & Committee Week, scheduled to be held in Vancouver on June 14-18.

John Jenkins Award

The John Jenkins Award is the most prestigious of the CSA Awards and recognizes individuals who, through their leadership, have fostered the development and advancement of standards, both nationally and internationally. We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 2020 John Jenkins Award is Mr. Richard McGrath. Congratulations Richard!

Richard McGrath
Cement Association of Canada
Ottawa, ON,
Construction & Infrastructure Standards
Nuclear Standards

Young Professional Award

The Young Professional Award was launched last year for the 100th anniversary of CSA Group to recognize a young professional that has made outstanding contributions in the development and advancement of voluntary standards. We are pleased to announce the recipient of the 2020 Young Professional Award is Donovan Taplin. Congratulations Donovan!

Donovan Taplin
Bell Island, NL
Health & Safety Standards

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is bestowed upon individual members for outstanding contributions and leadership in the development and advancement of voluntary standards. We are pleased to announce the following members are recipients of the 2020 Award of Merit:

Dean Carnes
Calgary, AB
Petroleum & Natural Gas Standards
Jacques Côté
Montreal, QC
Electrical Standards
Doug Drysdale
Nexans Canada Inc.
Milton, ON
Electrical Standards
Peter Johnson
Toronto, ON
Environment & Business Excellence Standards
Tony Nabuurs
NB Power (Retired)
Beaver Harbour, NB
Nuclear Standards
Maher Nessim
Edmonton, AB
Petroleum & Natural Gas Standards
Constantin Pitis
Elen-Mech Consulting Ltd.
Vancouver, BC
Electrical Standards
Pierre Poirier
Paramedic Association of Canada
Ottawa, ON
Health & Safety Standards
Rymal (Ry) Smith
Change Energy Services
Oakville, ON
Alternative Energy Vehicles Standards
Cathy Turylo
Toronto, ON
Nuclear Standards
Construction & Infrastructure Standards
Alternative Energy Vehicles Standards
Health & Safety Standards
Ted A. Williams
Washington, DC USA
Alternative Energy Vehicles Standards
Fuels and Appliances Standards
David Young
Canmet Mining, NRCan
Ottawa, ON
Health & Safety Standards

We are proud to recognize the extraordinary efforts and expertise of all of our award recipients and look forward to highlighting their numerous achievements.

To learn more about these awards, please visit the Recognizing our Members page.


May 15, 2020